What Inspires Me

Here, I will post things that inspire me for one reason or another. Simple as that.

-Diane Sawyer-

I can't even say this is Diane in her prime. Have you ever seen a woman nearing her 70's, who can pop her collar and report the news so eloquently? 


 -The KindCampaign.com- 

Let's start hash-tagging this, instead of the other one.


 -This Hair-

Clearly, Ciara's cut inspired mine.


-Nike Inspo-

Inspiring me to go to the gym. Really. 


 Speaking of style... SJP


-The Great Wall of China-

Nothing like a wonder of the world to inspire you.


My beautiful street in Hollywood.


-My Interview with Dick Van Dyke-

Me: "What do you want you legacy in Hollywood to be?"

Dick: "That you can take your kids to see anything I've ever been in."




-The Street Where I Grew Up-

My parents still live here. The country is my home.


-Oprah Winfrey, Whom I've Had the Pleasure of Interviewing-

"Don't worry about being successful, but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow."


-People Watching in LA-




-World News-

With a side of Saturday morning lattes.



Taking a moment to think in between gigs.



Getting a thank you from one of the world's most majestic creatures after I spent the day taking care of him.